16 March 2022

Conference of the Birds, and the Plunge is back!

Set your reason on fire.

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Ahoy!  Been awhile!

As the performance world slowly lurches back into gear, my odd little career at the intersection of classical voice and art theatre has found new life with a couple of perfect fits:  first in a Fall workshop with O-Lan Jones' Overtone Industries, in further development of the opera Iceland; and now with The Resonance Collective...

I'm honored to join the ensemble of Conference of the Birds:  a new oratorio based on Sufi mystic poet Attar's seminal text about the journey of the soul as it seeks union with the Divine. It is composed by Fahad Siadat with a libretto by Sholeh WolpĂ© and directed/choreographed by AndrĂ© Megerdichian.

Conference of the Birds has two phases of public presentation in three locations, and all tickets are available now!

Sunday 27 March 7:30pm, Claremont:  full workshop presentation at Scripps College, FREE

Monday 28 March 7:30pm, Pasadena:  selections from the oratorio (plus an interactive panel with the creative team) at A Noise Within

Saturday 18 June 7:30pm and Sunday 19 June 2pm, Santa Monica:  World Premiere at the Broad Stage! 
Birds at Scripps College
Birds at A Noise Within
Birds at the Broad Stage
I finally finished updating my professional profiles thanks to my dad's shirt, some recovered indie film footage, and the photography of Troy Blendell.  New acting reels, pics, and more ready for your enjoyment at jacobsidney.com, IMDb, and YouTube; as well as the casting sites Actors Access and Casting Networks.
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The Broadwater Plunge is back, and business is picking up!  Catch me most Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights 7pm-Midnight. 

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