18 October 2023

Concert of the Birds + New Pics!

The birds of the world gather

Conference of the Birds 
in Concert

Saturday 4 November 2023
7:00 PM
540 South Commonwealth Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90020 
The Sanctuary

I'm thrilled to return to the ensemble of The Conference of the Birds:  the most metal a capella journey of the soul seeking union with the Divine.  Composed by Fahad Siadat with a libretto by Sholeh WolpĂ©, the work utilizes virtuosic musical techniques found in singing styles across the globe. 

The story follows the birds of the world who embark on a journey to find their sovereign, Simorgh, a divine/mythical creature. Led by the wise Hoopoe they travel through Seven Valleys, each a spiritual realm of understanding that unfolds as they journey toward Simorgh's sanctuary. The libretto is drawn from Sufi mystic poet Attar's seminal text.
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"When the air sings of summer (Bob's Aria)" from Menotti's The Old Maid and the Thief, in concert this past spring with SGVCC.
New pics from Troy Blendell!  The best value in the southland... Click the image for more, and go hire him...
Forward to a friend! Forward to a friend!
"Peace is a competition between despair and hope, between disempowerment and committed persistence. To the degree that powerlessness takes root in people's consciousness, there is a greater tendency to resort to force. Powerlessness breeds violence."  - Daisaku Ikeda
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